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From Tragedy to Crusade—A Mother’s Antidepressant Warning

From Tragedy to CrusadeA Mother’s Antidepressant Warning Click here for all antidepressant drug warningsMaria Bradshaw lost her only child to SSRI antidepressant induced suicide in 2008. She turned her personal tragedy into a crusade to help other parents on the dangers of antidepressant drugs and is founder of CASPER – Community Action on Suicide Prevention […]


You’ll Never Look at the Sky the Same Way After This

You’ll Never Look at the Sky the Same Way After This. If you’ve look up in the sky lately, you’ve likely seen cloud formations that we simply didn’t see 30 or 40 years ago. Some say they are simply condensation trails left from jets passing over. But, mounting evidence indicates something else entirely, and bluntly, something extremely difficult to confront, particularly when nobody who should know what it is we’re looking at, will admit to knowing anything other than, “They’re simply condensation trails.”

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