Green Mental Health: An Alternative to Toxic Psychiatric Drugs

This informative video features Genita Petralli, a Nutritional Biochemist and author of the book
Green Mental Health Care – How to Get Off & Stay Off Psychiatric Drugs

“My life is dedicated to reclaiming lives from psychiatric drugs and exposing psychiatry for what it is; a gang of white collar drug pushers robbing our society of every resource that supports it right down to our future; the children. To sit on the sidelines and do nothing while I watch people suffer from the effects of psychiatric drugs is not an option.”    Genita Petralli

Psychiatry’s solution to life’s problems is the administration of toxic drugs which according to the FDA can cause mania, worsening depression, anxiety, delusions, seizures, liver failure, suicide, mania, heart attack, stroke, fatal blood clots, sudden death, diabetes and much more. Green Mental Health Care is a non-toxic, non-addictive and non-invasive approach to mental health which focuses on workable medical, not psychiatric, solutions that have better patient outcomes and are not harmful or toxic to those seeking help.


I think a diet of homegrown futirs and vegetables (not store bought so called organic B.S.), a small amount of home raised or wild meat and untreated but safe well or spring water combined with fresh country air and exercise will solve or alleviate most ills today. Eating ripe (Semi-rotten looking) things that fall off the trees/vines are a plus for their natural good health and healing properties Eve should have waited for the apple to fall. (continued below)

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