The complete presentation of Lord Christopher Monckton on October 14th, 2009 at a climate skeptic event sponsored by the Minnesota Free Market Institute, with graphics.

What follows is the complete hour and a half speech, a small portion of which is going around the internet, with literally millions of views.

The portion of this speech which is circulating around the net talks about the upcoming treaty, which arguably could overshadow or nullify portions of our own Constitution.

This is quite lengthy, but well worth watching, as Lord Mockton annihilates the Al Gore documentary, and other “studies” and sources of false data about the subject.

About the Author Ron Savelo

Ron Savelo is the founder and CEO of Report Master, Inc., and the creator of the #1 Chiropractic Daily SOAP Notes and Narrative Report Writer in the industry, the Report Master Software System. He has worked in the chiropractic field for over 21 years, and his Report Master Documentation Software currently has some 6000 happy users and has become the most recommended software in the industry. In his "spare time" Mr. Savelo has worked as a volunteer for his church, producing well over 150 half-hour TV shows that are currently airing on more than 50 public access TV stations around the United States.

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